• トレーニングルーム


    Moreover, we select machines that specialize in "changing the body". We believe it is rare to find a personal gym with such a full range of machines. We have a lineup that allows both beginners and advanced users to change their bodies satisfactorily. In particular, we also have machines that can built-up women's hips in the shortest term. Please try the machines which decided by our trainers and owners through repeated meetings.

  • ロッカールーム


    Furthermore, we offer rental sportswear for you so that you can come to our gym empty-handed. Our gym is equipped with a shower room with fulfilling toiletries. Especially when drying wet hair, we have a "REPRONIZER" for the dryers, irons, and irons that we have selected so as not to hurt your hair. Additionally to cosmetics that moisturize the skin after showering, we also offer several varieties of styling products that you can choose according to your hair types. Regarding cosmetics and amenities, we ask the beauty salon to cooperate and select carefully. In addition, the bath towels after the shower and the towels that can be used during training are all original made with "Imabari towels" which are gentle on the skin, and of course we rent them for free.

  • ヘルシーモンスターカフェ


    We have an adjoining cafe named “Healthy Monster Cafe”. It offers a meal for each of individual after every their training. Our dishes are specialized in deliciousness and gentling to your body because we would like to be helpful for customers to achieve your goal for bodybuilding without stress.



Introduction of the MACHINE

  • Leg press

    Compared to free weights such as squats, the 45° leg press has a constant trajectory and is easy to operate, so even beginners can train the entire leg without any problems. Because there is a backrest, there is little involvement of the upper body, and even those with low back pain can refine the legs with peace of mind. Since weight can also be handled, it leads to muscle strength UP & fat burning without unreasonableness.

  • Power rack

    A training machine that can train the whole body around big3 (squat bench press deadlift), which is the basis of free weight. Not only beginners, but also high-weight training is also supported, so it is possible to train your body even for advanced people.

  • Smith machine

    The Smith Machine is a training machine with a fixed barbell and can move the bar up and down along the rails. Since it can operate more stably than the free weight from the lower body to the upper body, beginners can train with confidence.

  • Booty builder

    A state-of-the-art hip-only machine that has only been introduced in Japan as many times as it can be counted. It can be handled widely from training beginners to advanced persons, and it is effective for hip-up and hip tightening. Because it is a simple operation, it can be handled easily, and anyone can make a round and firm hip.

  • Cable machine

    Since the cable machine has almost no fixed trajectory, it can be trained in various operations. Since the position and angle at which the cable is moved, as well as the attachment can be freely changed, it is possible to move and tighten the muscles of the back and upper arms, which are said to be difficult to train.

  • Abcrunch

    The abscrunch machine makes it easy for anyone to do sit-ups, which are essential for tightening their stomach. Not only the upper body but also the lower body moves together, so it can be effective for the lower belly you care about. In addition, since it can be turned left and right, it can be tightened to the side, and the stomach can be tightened overall with this one.

  • Leg extension&curl

    With this machine, you can pinpoint the front of your thighs and the back of your thighs. Since the movement is easy and the trajectory is constant, even beginners can train the muscles on the back side of the thing, which is indispensable for tightening the legs, with confidence.

  • Hip adduction&abductioh

    A machine that can pinpoint the inner thighs and buttocks that women are particularly care about. Since it is easy to open and close the legs, anyone can tighten the legs and buttocks beautifully.




60 minutes of one-on-one training (3 times) for 2 weeks of weight loss, complete with shower, no need to change clothes, and a meal for maximum effect after training. Trainer's complete guidance and counseling for your personalized training.